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    nolva post cycle, comments please

    Jsut got my last shot saturday of my first cycle . The cycle was 250mg sust and 200 mg deca @ wk for 10 weeks. Yes yes I know many would prefer to shoot sust eod, but hey I'm pretty satisfied with my results so far. I started of @ 198 lbs and now 10 weeks after I'm @ 213,5 lbs. I've also used 25-50mg proviron and for the first 4 weeks or so I also added 10 mg of nolva ed.

    Lately there have been some posts here on this board about nolva being the better choice as compared to clomid for post cycle treatment. Originalle I was going to do the classic 150/100/50 clomid treatment that a lot seems to recommend on this board. But after reading the above mentioned post and Big Cats article on clomid/nolva ( I thinking of doing 40-50 mg nolva for 1 week followed by 20 mg nolva for 2 weeks. Treatment beginning 3 weeks after my last shot. What do you guys think???

    Another reason is that I hvae plenty of nolva and that clomid might be difficult to obtain. A long story about sources that I won't get in to.
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    so ten weeks later you only gained 15 lbs??--which is good I think, but you are just comming off the cycle--so post in a 3 weeks some post cycle pics and the results, I would be interested in seeing it.

    as far as the nolva is concerned, your right I think there is going to be a lot of different views, some will say yes and some no- some will say yes to hcg and some will say no-- i think it can be a personal preference to your post cycle therapy .

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