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    one time or split injections

    Ready to go with 400mg. Eq./ 500mg. test en. a week, is it better
    to inj. everything every monday or split it to 200/250 every mon. and thursday. Just wondering if it would be more beneficial to split them incase the test. sloping down towards the end of the week with single inj., also curious if splitting it will make the Eq. less effective if 400mg. is not given at once?

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    it takes a while to kick in and it not like prop and fina that need to be shot ED to keep levels constant. I dont think it will make a huge difference but I would say go with 2x a week.

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    You will want to keep your test levels constant througout your cycle. Ive done it both ways 1x shot a week and 2x shots a week. I noticed better gains splitting up my injections to 2x a week. I would go with 200/250 every mon and thursday. I shoot up right before i hit the gym, for some reason it makes me feel more entergetic.

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    Split them, it keeps everything level


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