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    First Cycle, Opinions

    I'm 21, 5-11, 190... 6-7% body fat. Im looking to get to about 215-220 eventually, maintaining low bf levels. Diet is about 4000 cal per day, lots of fish and chix. Here's what I'm considering for a cycle. I appreciate all your input:

    Sust: 400/ wk for 10 wks
    Winny: 50 mg/ day for 10 wks
    Noval: 20 mg/ day for wks 7-10
    Clomid: 100 mg/ day wks 9 and 10, and for five days afterward

    I am hoping to maintain a good percentage of these gains, as circumstances will make it impossible for me to juice again for some time afterwards. If anyone has any opinions regarding this cycle, or recommendations on how to make it better, I would love to hear it. Thanks Guys, keep pumpin'.

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    well 1st off sust is usually 250mg per ml so it would be 500mg. 2nd 10 weeks on winny may be a bit long and rough on the liver being 17aa. 3rd no need to run nolva like that. and 4th clomid is usually run as follows 300mg day 1, 100mg for 10 days, 50mg for 10 days. As far as the cyc try this...

    Weeks 1-4: Dbol 35mg ED
    Weeks 1-10: Sust 500mg a Week
    Weeks 1-10: EQ 400mg a Week
    Clomid Therapy 3 weeks after last shot. SHould give sold gains and would work well on your 4000 cal diet. Hope that helps bro

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    Ahhh... much good wisdom bestowed upon you by sansei Tankass. :china: :china:

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    There is such a thing as Sus 100. It's like the 250 but without the decanoate in it.

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    there is also sust 300mg...Madmax..

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