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    about getting buff on my cylce of sustanon

    look im sick of this shit i have actually a 4 week cycle of sustanon with 250 mg a week and haven't ordered my other 4 weeks yet but how do i gain weight i am the pickest eatter in the world i don't eat meat or vegetables plus how many days should i work out a week and how many hours should eack work out be i heard it takes 5 weeks to see results on sustanon i just want to gain weight and more muscle plus maybe get a six pack but i know i wasted my money what do you think

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    No flame bro but I hope your joking . If not you have alot of learning to do . use the search key and read everything you can . And bro dont be a puss and eat thats the only way your going to grow

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    I think this is funny, dude your ranting, its all good!! try getting meal replacement shakes or some weight gainer if you want to gain like 6 meals a day but lean meals. you need to eat some solid foods . Hold off on the AS!! your not going to do shit if your diet is not in check!! you can work out every other day or 2 days on 1 day off, go every day if you want but only work one muscle group at a time. there is a endless amount of possibilities. You might even want to pm Warrior he always has some solid info!! work on getting a good base form built and go from there, once you establish some goals and start to knock them down one by one the weight and muscle will come along right with you.
    You dont eat meat or veggis, what the fuck do you eat, poopy boy, heheh just kidding no really in all serious manner, what do you eat now?? post some stats, like age, weight, height, daily food you eat, give the members something to work with. Your funny though, I like how you started the thread!!

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