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    Jul 2002

    need hepl on a cycle please help...

    a freind of mines has a couple of gear on hand, but he doesnt know how he want tto run it...
    russian sus= 15 amps
    primo=20 amps
    decca 300 ml 1xbottle
    wind 20ccx 50 ml

    can some one give me an idea of how he should run a cycle of this type and for how long... he is 25 years of age, 5.10 200 lbs... been working out for 6 yeras and he never really done a true cycle, this would be his first......

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    with what you have this is how i'd run it...i'd try to get 5 more sust amps and run the deca and sust for 10 weeks..and then the winny will need to preload the 2cc's of sust evenly into 3 syrnges and shoot them on mon/wen/ maximize the prop....Madmax..

    sust 500mg (1-8)
    deca 300mg (1-8)
    winny 50mg ed (8-11)

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    Jul 2002
    ok thanks but what should he do about the primo? and how should he run the proviron and for how long?

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