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    ok if i have a 5mg tab of proscar, do i cut it into 4 pieces and then take one peice a day?

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    yes. i did a bunch of research on this subject and that is the way to do it. makes it pretty cheap too. oh, and don't know if you ar using AAS but some juice shouldn't be used if you take proscar.

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    Saw Palmetto Extract
    The Saw palmetto extract used in the clinical studies is a well-defined purified fat-soluble extract containing between 85% and 95% fatty acids and sterols. Like Proscar, the therapeutic effect of the Saw palmetto extract appears to be due to its inhibition of dihydrotestosterone. However, the Saw palmetto extract also inhibits the binding of dihydrostestosterone at cellular binding sites.
    Effectiveness and safety:
    Numerous double-blind clinical studies on the Saw palmetto extract have shown it to be effective in nearly 90% of patients usually in a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Detailed toxicity studies in animals, as well as the results from clinical trials, indicate that the Saw palmetto extract is without toxicity or side effect. Despite the impressive clinical effectiveness, safety, and popularity of Saw palmetto extract in the treatment of BPH in the United States, manufacturers are prohibited from making any medical claims by the FDA.
    At the effective dosage of 160mg twice daily, Saw palmetto extract costs about $24.00 for a month`s supply
    i actually found it for less at costco 13.00 for a 4 month supply.

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