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Thread: Winstrol

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    Im thinking about starting a winny (only) cycle. Only muscle-builder i´ve tried before is creatine. Not interested in getting huge so i think it´s the AS for me (maybe deca ..).
    My weight is about 190 (90kg) pounds and with around 10-11 % fat.
    Want to reduce 2-3 % fat and gain some more pounds in lean muscle..

    Should I go for tabs or injections? how many mg´s? and should i take any clomid,nova or something at the end of the cycle?

    appreciate all help i can get..


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    Try a search bro!

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    chinups Guest
    Your diet and cardio must be at 100% if you are going to do a winny only because you are not going to make major gains but it will perserve muscle and def. add some muscle. You have to go with inject (zambons) they are the best from what the other bros. say. I would go with 50mg a day for best results, for safer results go with 50 mg eod...Milk thistle for liver

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