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    Question long cycle or two (deca,test,eq,win)

    i have been running deca at 500 mg aweek and test ent at 250 a week for 12 weeks. i have some good gains and have been wanting to take some win and eq. should i start it after the deca and test or should i take it later for another cycle. i was going to eq at 400 mg per week and the winny as follows:
    week 1 - 6 eq 400mg w
    week 6 - 10 eq 400 mg w and win 50 mg eod.

    looking to shred up. what does everyone think? or should i add something else?


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    1st'able deca will stay in ur body for up to 18 months, unless ur willing to wait that long to clear up, however many people including myself continue juicing doing long cycle, some say time on time off, especially u claimed good gains so changes r u will not be waiting too long to do another cycle, it's up to u how u feel to continue rightaway, to shred u must check ur diet eating clean stuff, good luck later....

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    1. Why is your deca dose double your test
    2. 6 weeks of eq is pretty much useless IMO
    3. I think when you finish what your on you should do your clomid therpay, stay off do some research before you start that next cycle and design a better one

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