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Thread: oh canada!!!

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    Sigmaguy2 is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2002

    oh canada!!!

    hey can anyone tell me what to expect........i am making a trip to canda for a vacation.....will someone give me a little info on how strict the laws are in will i need a prescription to get gear or will i be able to just buy it.....and how difficult will it be to get back into the states with
    thanks for the imput

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    Jan 2003
    dont know about the gear, but customs was a joke both ways. and i came back new years day. ( the weeek like 5 guys excaped from jail and crossed the border so i wouldnt think it would be too hard.....

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    health system here is strictly controled. yes you need a prescription to get medication in canada.

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    BC Canada
    Steroids are only slightly easier to get in Canada... this isn't the mexico of the North after all!

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    True, look at Got Gear face!

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    You do need a prescription, but i heard somewhere that it is not illegal to have steroids just getting them is illegal.

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    HaHAHAHA your commin to Canada to get roids man don't know what province your goin to but you can barely get needles without giving a good explanation why you need them never mind roids. And it may have been easy oncebut if you keep pushing your luck they will get you, i have seen it. You are allowed to have roids on you but only so much.

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    Just calmly explain to them that you are an American....from there, if things go according to plan they should recognize your political dominance and hand you copious amounts of gear, as well as their wallets and first born daughter. I really don't see what the issue is??

    I'll probably catch hell for this, but i'm in an odd mood and a couple of kids from McGill (the harvard of canada...if such a thing makes sense) have been here all day and they've brought out the worst in my international relation skills...though one of the girls is uber-hot

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    why all the negativity towards Canadians ?
    By no means is it easy to get juice here.

    When you say your coming to Canada what area are you talking about. It's like me saying to you that I am going to the states.

    Or hey do you know Bob ? he works in an office, you know ? he lives in the States and you are from the States so do you know him?

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