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Thread: Clomid of Nolva

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    Clomid of Nolva

    Witch of these do you guys feel works best to bring you back after a cycle. I was always told clomid but recently have heard alot of bros say nolvadex . I am finishing up a test fina cycle Saturday and would like to know what dosage of either one I should take. I was planning clomid, 300mg day 1 then 200mg day 2 then 100 ed for the next week. What do you guys think? Thanks alot.

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    the matrix
    i believe both together is a better post cycle recovery

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    i think both ,but if i ahd to do one ,clomid .

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    Clomid was much more effective for me.

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    what is your clomid dosages post fina?

    I dont see many talking about backing a fina cycle with clomid but its a must.

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    If I had to choose one I would pick clomid, but like Foley said I think a combo is best.

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    One advantage I can see that nolva has over clomid is decreasing
    SHBG. MF's link to Bill L's spew talks a little about this. This may seem
    beneficial, especially after cycle because you don't want high levels of this protein binding up all the test. Although it sounds good on paper, I am not sure of the actual practicality! I would like to find more research on this.

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