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Thread: deca & eq

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    deca & eq

    I have a friend who's just 18 and is going to do a cycle with or without my help. He is an excellent wrestler and will attend college on some type of scholorship. I cannot persuade him not to do gear and I'm afraid if he has some of the shitheads we know from the gym advise him he might get hurt. My suggestion is to use deca and eq for 10 weeks. 1cc of deca 300 (quality vet) on monday followed by 1cc boldenon 200 (quality vet) on friday. He is now 145lbs.ripped and must maintain no more than 148 til march. After that he wants to go to 160-165 before he starts college. He is on a 2000 cal diet with about 300grams of protien. Please any advise on the above will be welcome. He is also taking creatine (EAS xt) and glutamine.

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    at 300g protein he doesn't even need juice with the proper training/sleep regimen, but whatever, deca and eq are not a good choice for this fellow being their both long acting esters who inadvertedly have long lasting metabolites that are easily detected in testing, and if your buddy plans on wresting collegiate levels, they'll more than likely test for those...not to mention 300 deca and 200 eq wont do a whole lot...if he need to add solid mass use some test, fina, or maybe some winny...?

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    let him fuck him self up...that will teach him a lesson and maybe save him from major problems from running more cycles at his age...Madmax...

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    This is your first post and I think your the 18 year old

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    yeah you are the 18 year old. Do what you want to do. 300 deca gave me great gains...along with 18 pounds in 8 weeks. My friend if you can't gain more than 3 pounds then why the fuck are you taking deca-durabolin ?

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