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Thread: what to use

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    what to use

    I'm not 18 but my friend is. I really can not stop him so I need help. If he's going to do it tell me what to use. He can get QV Bold 200,QV Deca 300,Durateston 250 Organon. Please don't fluff this off I really don't want him hurting himself any more than necessary. He is looking to gain 15-20 pounds. He's now 145 and in excellent shape. See previous post.

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    tie him down and beat him till he promises not to take juice, (j/k), if you cant convince him to not use, have him use a low/moderate dose of something relatively mild, oxandrolone (var), primo (metenolone), eq , or deca /test...deca being mildly androgenic and test with a bit higher androgenic component, nonetheless both suitable for begining cycles...being that its his first he probably doesn't need more than 500-750mg total of luck

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    dj....just out of curiousity why would you recommend such a high dosage for a first timer? Im not questioning you i just want to understand the though process. Thanks.


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