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    i lost my T3 ... holy shit what should i do

    im about half way through my cycle and up to 75mcg's ed and was about to start tappering down i had to take a plane trip took the whole bottle with me they lost my luggage still can't find it i need help guys what should i do

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    oh shit....!!!! I use to work at an airline.... and in those cases we had to open them to know what was in it , so that when the customer claimed the bag we could be sure it was theirs. NOW! most likely an airline employee will not know what that is.... they will probably think its your medicine and not touch it... most likely the bag was rerouted somewhere else and eventually you'll get it... but meanwhile!!!!! you need to bitch... call the airline everyday...twice a day....until they find it.... everything has barcodes... a big airline might be able to track it down and know where it is.


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    what will happen if you don't taper down and stop cold ?

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    Look into T2 over the counter... I haven't looked into the T2 craze but I will now to see if it might benefit you and other that are in that situation…

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    T2 info edited (took out the sales pitch in the begining), click the link if you want the full version

    BioTest T2 Pro
    Detailed Information

    Written By Tim Patterson, Biotest Laboratories

    Even though the thyroid hormone, T2 (3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine) is potentially suppressive if used long-term, it's still very safe when used at the recommended doses for periods of up to six weeks. But after that, to avoid the possibility of TSH suppression, you need to cycle off for six weeks, which puts you back to only using the other-type fat burners -- and they have to be cycled as well. So, up until now, there hasn’t been an effective fat-loss formula on the market that you can take year round.

    The theoretical premise for our design is centered around two critical goals: 1) locating ample supplies of the direct precursors -- the actual building blocks -- of the major thyroid hormones T2 and T3. And 2) finding an effective thyroid "stimulator" that doesn't suppress TSH.

    The Chemical Thermogenic Catalyst
    After all of our research, we've found only one good choice for a thyroid booster that's not suppressive. We're bound to uncover more in the future, but for now, we've found just one thyroid stimulant currently available that can really get the job done well. The specific compound is called forskolin, which is found in an herb used in Indian, Ayurvedic medicine, called Coleus forskohlii.

    Phytochemically speaking, forskolin is a labdane-type diterpene. Diterpenes in general are widely found in plants, many of which impart known medicinal actions in the body. Forskolin, in particular, has a very unique ability to directly activate adenylate cyclase. This is of major importance to us because adenylate cyclase is the enzyme that catalyzes the formation of cyclic AMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP) from ATP.

    I know this sounds a bit geeky, but we're just around the corner from pay-dirt here. Bear with me and I'll show you how forskolin, through the production of cyclic AMP, supercharges thyroid function. I promise, you're gonna' explode with excitement over this…

    Now here's the gold: Cyclic AMP is responsible for intracellular mediation of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) through the "second messenger" pathway. In other words, cAMP either mediates or actually mimics TSH! And, as you know, TSH is the messenger responsible for triggering the thyroid to produce more of its powerful, thermogenic hormones.

    In other words, we've found a non-suppressive method of stimulating the production of thyroid hormones. Bottom line, forskolin can actually rev up thermogenesis just as if you were taking bodybuilder doses of T2 and T3! There's only one thing that potentially stands in the way, though: Do you have enough building blocks circulating in your system to make the thyroid hormones?

    For sure, through the use of forskolin, we can send a strong signal to the thyroid to make more hormones, but if the gland doesn't have ample supplies of bricks and mortar, you won't get the optimal effect.

    What exactly are T2 and T3 comprised of anyway?
    Sugar and spice, and everything nice? Nah, everyone knows that's what little girls are made of. We're talking serious chemistry here. So let's check out the actual chemical identities of T2 and T3:

    T2 = diiodothyronine
    T3 = triiodothyronine

    As you can see, both T2 and T3 have a similar makeup. Both are thyronines, except one's a di (meaning 2 iodides) and the other's a tri (meaning three iodides).

    It's common knowledge that tyrosine is a precursor to the various thyronines, and that taking L-tyrosine as a supplement can boost thyroid function. But is plain ol' L-tyrosine the direct intermediary to the all-important ligands? Close, but not precisely on the money. The key components required to make T2 and T3 are indeed a form of tyrosine; however, they both require two exotic versions of the amino acid.

    The two tyrosines that form T2, T3, and even T4 are iodo-L-tyrosine and diiodo-L-tyrosine -- in other words, tyrosine structures with one and two iodides super-glued on. Then, using an enzyme called thyroperoxidase, iodotyrosine and diiodotyrosine in various configurations are coupled together to make T2, T3, and T4. Watch how simple the thyroid-hormone puzzle fits together:

    T2 = 2 x iodotyrosine
    T3 = iodotyrosine + diiodotyrosine
    T4 = 2 x diiodotyrosine

    Pretty cool, huh? Now, all we have to do is find a good source for iodotyrosine and diiodotyrosine. And if we combine forskolin with the two tyrosines, we'll have ourselves the first, highly effective thyroid modulator ever to hit the supplement market, period. This thing will rock -- big time!

    Metabolic Thermonuclear War!
    Well, we found great supplies of super-pure versions of the two tyrosines and we've located the best source of forskolin. The only thing left to do is put all the ingredients into capsule form and swallow, which is exactly what we've done -- all but the swallowing, that is. We'll leave that up to you.

    With T2-PRO, which contains forskolin to potentiate or actually mimic TSH and the two tyrosines supplying the raw materials, you've got the makings of metabolic thermonuclear war!

    One dose contains 75 mg of Coleus forskohlii (15 mg of forskolin), 100 mcg of iodotyrosine, and 100 mcg of diiodotyrosine -- ample amounts to nuke the fat right off those irritating, hard-to-get-off spots. Can you say love handles, lower abs, butt and thighs?

    Each bottle lasts 30 days, which makes T2-PRO one of the more-affordable fat burners on the market. And considering it's, without question, the only potent thyroid modulator available, it's a bargain.

    I give you my personal guarantee that T2-PRO will be everything you've ever hoped for in a fat burner and more. Don't believe me? If I'm wrong, you can get a full refund. You can't beat that -- there's nothing to lose.

    And for all of you who've tried and liked the the thyroid horrmones, T2 and T3, I truly believe that you'll find the effects of T2-PRO are even better. Really. You can stoke the fires of your thyroid just as much, plus you never need to cycle off!

    As far as fat loss is concerned, with T2-PRO, we're now all that much closer to a more-perfect world -- a world where being hard and lean is the rule and not simply the rare exception.
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    great post mmaximus, BUMPITY BUMP BUMP

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    I agree with mmaximus, I would try anything that is close to T3 so you don't mess up you Thyroid.


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    It may take a little time to recover proper Thyroid function but I don't think you will see any permanent harm from stopping. I have never heard of anyone who has lost thyroid function due to T3 although obviously tapering down slowly is the safest way to do it.

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    6ft. away...but you can't
    calm down bro, you will be fine as far as your thyroid goes. Your thyroid will return to normal, but it will take a bit longer. As for getting busted....this is why you leave your shit at home or take the bare minimum with you. Good luck sleeping soundly until you get you bag back though. Good luck

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    I really don't think he has that much to worry about if it comes down to him getting "busted" with some T3...Rx or not

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