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    strongest fat burner ??

    best fat burner over the counter, taking with deca and sust

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    Re: strongest <a href=

    Originally posted by toughguy
    best <a href=" S" target="_blank">fat burner</a> over the counter, taking with deca and sust
    yes,jumping over the counter is the best fat burner out there 20 minutes at a time.why would you cut while using deca ?

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    I use Animal cuts by Universal as my fat-burner and diuretic. I no longer use T3 or lasix... their too powerful for my needs. If I were a competitor I would mostly likely use those because nothing can compare to the results of those two drugs.

    As far as over the counter... I have never seen anything better than Animal cuts and that is over the counter prepackaged...unless you create your own stack... Universal really hit the nail on the head...
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