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Thread: winstrol depot

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    winstrol depot

    ok, im a first time AS user.

    im 6'3, 295lbs, former college football off. linmeman.

    i bought my first cycle which was 15amps of zambon winstrol depot.
    i had planned on doing 3 amps per week for 5 weeks.
    many people i have spoken to seem to think im under dosing.
    i just placed an order for another 5 amps.
    im currently in my 3rd week.....
    would this be a good finish to my cycle?
    week3=4injections...currently in
    week4=5injections...up coming
    week5=5injections...up coming

    i have seem strength increases in every exercise. getting hard as hell and am seeing cuts all over my upper buddy.


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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    yes, you are underdosing. winny needs to be injected at least EOD, if not ED, especially with the zambons you got. 15 should last you 15 days, no more than 2 weeks. so this isn't really a cycle - it's a fuck up. you should stop now, buy some more gear (after you get something lined up for a decent cycle), and start over.....

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    You need more especially at 300 lbs.

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    yea bro if your runnin winny alone u def need either more of it or you shoulda ran something else with it.....Eod 100mg is prob wha u should be doin with it for like 6-8 weeks....but i would agree with keymaster and just save wha u got, get more and maybe get some eq or tren to run with the winny...

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