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    Lightbulb Off Topic a little but....Animal M Stak

    I was trying to think of what forum to ask this in, and this seemed like the right one i guess. Anyways, i was wondering if anyone had an experience with using Animal M Stak? And what effects did it have on you? I was thinking of giving it a try, because when i used MAG-10, it added 7 lbs. of lean mass, eventhough some ppl said it didnt work at all. Let me know what you all think.


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    pm mmaximius..he knows alot about that stuff...Madmax..

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    I used it 3 times (3 weeks on 1 off) and was happy with the results at first. I used the regular Stak not M Stak but i found a little more energy and some decent gains from an OTC product. After my thrid time is seemed as though gains werent much more noticable then they would have been without the product so i stopped. everyones different but i would say it's worth a try, but i would also say their "cutting stak" wasnt very helpful in my case. you get 21 paks of 8 pills (3 weeks on) then a week off. hope you like taking pills!

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    the only two people i talked to about that stuff claimed they broke out in blisters from it. who knows.

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    My friend gained 10 Lbs off regular Animal Stak... 10 pills .. and they aint small.. hez doing it again now, and is happy with results

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