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    Sustanon250.. Turkey or India?

    I just got me alot of Sustanon250 in today. The brand name is Organon from Turkey and also Im gettin alot of Sustanon250 Organon from India. What one is more of a better one for my cycle. Because the Turkey one has a brown tint to it and the India one is all clear. I just like to know what one is better for my cycle cause some people at the gym tried the Turkey one and didnt like it very much. What do I do?

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    Thje Turkish has always been fine

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    SUST 250 made in India is THE best SUST you can get made by INFAR, followed by PAkistani SUS... (KARACHI)

    and Guess whoz gonna be in INDIA Juicing and enjoying the sun.. ooo yeahhhhh

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