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Thread: fina question

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    fina question

    i dont know what took me so long to join this board, but i finally did, its great to be here, now my question:

    fina is both more androgenic and anabolic than testosterone . however if there were two ppl, one taking fina and one taking test only and they both used the same doses (100mg/day), the person taking test would have much greater gains. why is that?

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    I'm not sure if the person taking test will have better gains. Where did you hear that?

    The person taking test will gain more weight, but more weight does not mean more lean body mass.

    Test = lots of mass + lots of strength gains
    Fina = decent mass gains, lots of strength gains, fat burning, and fuller/harder muscles.

    An ideal cycle would contain both test and fina.

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    obviously it is ideal to use both, im using both right now. im just asking this out of pure curiousity.
    however, someone taking ldex to combat most water weight will probably still gain more mass, than someone using fina.i mean if someone was on fina only a 10 lb cycle would pretty good. with test only 20 lbs could probably be atainable while using ldex

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