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    Question First cycle advice

    need advice on first cycle. Im 32, 6, 160 lbs, around 8% BF. (Please dont tell me to eat more - i have high metabolism). Ive been lifting for 14y now and I wanna add some more muscles to this bones. Ive decided to go on AS cycle with Deca and Test Enanth. For protection and recovery would take Nolvadex . I need advice on how much of which, when, which cycle (pyramide, invert diamond). Should I take Clomid and when. Ive read a lot of literature but I would appriciate addvice anyway.

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    Deca is best ran at 2mg per pound of body weight, if I were you I would just run it at 400mg, Standard dose of Test E is 500 mg a week. No need to pyramid, run the cyce for at least 8 weeks but 10 would be better. Not sure on the doses on the nolva for post cycle recovery, but I am sure someone here does.

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    eat more, eat more, eat more, with that said trt this cycle..since it's your first cycle and you are older and since your test levels are lowering at your age i think low doses like this will work for could run prop in the beggining if you wanted or exchange it at the end instaed of winny..Madmax

    test 500mg (1-10)
    deca 300mg (1-10)
    winny 50mg (8-13)
    nolvadex 20mg - 30mg per day
    proviron 25-50mg per day
    clomid post cycle is a must

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