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    Question in regards to Eq/Winny Cycle

    I am taking the following cycle:

    Wks 1-2 25 Mg Dbol ED
    Wks 1-10 300 mg of Eq
    Wks 6-12 50 EOD of Winny

    Wks 13-15 Clomid

    I will be running a reasonable strict diet and cardio while doing this. However, I am a little nervous about the EQ hunger. I was thinking of taking Hydroxycut as a dietary supplement to take the hunger down a notch. I dont want to lose potential gains though. I am looking at 10 pounds quality muscle and a definite increase in hardness and cut. I dont want to have any bloat.

    Any input you could give me so that i maximize my gains would be much appreciated.
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    d-bol is going ot make you hold will get bloat from that...your going to be running an 17 ala for 8 weeks of your cycle..i hope you were going to include a liver protectent..i'd rethink the cycle...try this if you don't like the fina throw it out and put something else in..but i would leave the winny and eq as they are...Madmax..

    eq 400mg (1-12)
    winny 50mg (10-15)
    fina 75mg (8-15)

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    Why don't you get some test?

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    Listen to max and axe the d-bol if your worried about putting on extra water weight. Excellent cutting cycle max. Run the winny ED and make sure your taking a liver protector i.e. milk thistle, ALA, glutamine, etc. Personally I love EQ hunger. It makes you consume all those extra calories needed for muscle building. Just keep up on the cardio and eat clean and you won't have any probs. If you throw in some propionate it'll make it that much better. As test is a great base for any cycle. Good luck.

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