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    Quick question on eating and working out

    I know this isn't the right forum for this, but its so much easier to get questions answered here. I've been getting into an argument with my roommate here lately over the topic of eating before working out.

    I don't like to eat 2 hours or less before I work out. First off, I don't like that full feeling. And second of all, I've read somewhere that it decreases the amount of available blood flow during your workout if you have food in your stomach.

    So, can anybody point me in the right direction for some scientific literature that explains why this is a good idea? Or just give me an explaination?

    Thanks bros.

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    You don't need to know
    I always eat some oatmeal and egg whites an hour and a half before I work out......If I don't I get real fatigued and light headed !

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    heres some info for you bro...Madmax..

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