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    SUS FINA DBOL ques????

    i'm 5'6 176 lbs. trying to get to 200 off this cycle but will be happy if i 'm a solid 190-195 figure. i eat 5 times a day and in between meals i 'm taking protein shakes. don't intend to do any cardio till spring so i'm still trying to overload and gain as much weight i can gain till may 1st....then cutting season begins.....if anyone has any helpful advice much appreciated..thanx bro's!!! sus i'm gonna run for 10 wks 500 mg a week
    dbol i take 7 ed for a month
    fina (i 'm waiting for anyday now) will be ran from wks 8-13 10 pellets ed with dsmo gel weeks 13-16 clomid 10 days 50mg 2x 10 days 50mg 1x.....

    just trying to find out about how much of a "quality gain" am i looking at??????? if anyone has any helpful advice much appreciated..thanx bro's!!!

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    divide the 2cc's of sust into 3 srynges evenlly..and shoot on mon/wen/ the clomid 2 days after your fina is out..good luck bro...Madmax..

    sust 500mg (1-10)
    fina 75mg ed (7-13)
    d-bol 25mg (1-4)

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