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    Unhappy sustanon 250 1st time user, help!!!

    i am doing my first cycle of anything right now. i live about 30 minutes from mexico, so i drive there every sunday to buy my gear. i shoot it there so i dont carry anyhting across the border. i go by myself because i dont want anyone to know i am doing what i am doing. anyways, i keep getting searched and i cannot carry anything across the border so i need to find out what us legal alternatives there are for an anti estrogen and a testosterone restarter. i will be only up to 750 mg a week on the sustanon , and i will not be stacking it with anything else.

    more questions i havent gotten the gains i thought i would, my diet is good but i want to know how many calories do i need to be taking in with this cycle? protein i try to get 1.5 per lb. of my body weight a day. i lift every other day and take a full day off for rest. i do shoulders and calves, chest and bicepts, and back and tricepts for my different days. is there a better way?

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    You should bump your Protein up to 3g per lb and around 5000-6000 cals a day. as far as anti-e legal in usa go to they sell legal liquid forms for research purpose.
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