Hey i know i havent posted in a while(girlfriends kept me busy lately)any way ive read up on anabolics and gained quite a bit of knowledge! I also have been lucky enough to find someone with great experience in body building to help me train. My diet although not the best is getting better (okay i slip alittle but still)! I think after i get some inital training out of the way im gonna get back on the juice im now 20 and thats still pretty young but i dont think iill grow any more (i pretty much stunted my growth when i was 17 with some bullshit) but hell im 5/11 and 165 and im a rock. I dont complain about the way i look now im just ready to step it up! I dont know why i really posted this i guess im just excited to really finnaly be able to do what ive wanted to do for a while and thats train like a bitch!!! Ill be posting the cycle im going to start on in a few months and ill let you guys see some before and after pics!!! Quickly to the gym!!!

Ps: thanks all you guys that have helped me out and steered me the right way!!! This forum has helped a bunch!!!