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    everything you need to know about Nubain

    Nubain is nalbuphine HCL - a synthetic pain killer that has a dual personality - it acts like morphine in the body - it also acts like the antidote for morphine (naloxone) but at 1/3 the power. It blocks itself - but not enouh to prevent it from having a strong effect on you. However, as the dosage is increased the blocking effect builds up to eventually place a limit on the active effect. It reaches a ceiling of effect at about 30 mgs (this varies by person due to weight differences).

    It's not anywhere near morphine in what it feels like. People compare it all the time to heroine and dilaudid. Well they've never done heroine I can gurantee you that. That's like comparing primo tabs to a-bombs. So if you're looking to get high you'll be disappointed. If you're looking to get high you're probably not on this board anyway but I thought i'd throw that out there just in case.

    But if you're looking for serious pain relief with low sides it's really effective stuff.

    On average - you'll dose 20 mg to 30 mg at a time. It is a painful injection. Stick it in your ass or shoulder. It takes about 30 minutes for the full effect to hit you so be patient! I've never done more than 30mg at one time so I cannot vouch for this - but i've been told that anything more than 30mgs is a waste of the product. A 20 mg vial is about equivalent to 2 or 3 percodan - or about 4 darvocet or tylenol 3 codeine pills. It lasts 6 to 8 hours after the injection. It's strong enough for most all your pain relief needs and at the same time it doesn't mess you up like demorol or dilaudid or any of the other pain killers with similar strength. That's a good thing IMO. But be careful doing subsequent injections - even if the stuff has worn off and the pain is coming back you don't need another full dose. Take a half dose the second time you take it in any one day.

    It's also mild enough - it affects you so mildly - that you could work out while you're on it. But i'm here to tell you that if you start messing with this crap you're not going to want to go to the gym. It's definitely going to reduce your aggression and IMO your workouts will be half-ass even though you can push your muscles to higher levels of failure - or in my case - the joint pain won't stop you from pushing hard. I personally think the joint pain I get is a good thing - i'm scared to pop pain pills or stick Nubain and go work out because I could be really hurting my joints and not feel it at all. Maybe pain is a good thing? It's your body's way of telling you to slow down!

    It costs about $5 per 20mg vial. I personally think it is one product to be avoided - especially if you have an addictive personality.

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    Yeah well i still love it

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    im gonna take a pass on this one..........nice post though, highly informative.

    peace bb79

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    Definitely stay away from that shit...

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    Nubain Intravenous Usage

    Does anyone know if you can jab a vein with nubain? If so, what is the IU dosage?

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    yes you can inject it in your vain. in fact, its A LOT faster...only takes like 5 seconds and you feel it. I started out with 30 units...and im still around there. Im not addicted, nor do i plan to be. i cant afford that s***! Anyway I see your body weight is almost twice mine so you might want to try 45 units. I hope this is strictly for a pain killer because like the above post said...if you're looking to get high, try something else. But its awesome for pain relief! I pay $200 for 20mg/ml 100ml vials...i dont know where the $5 a vial came from...hook me up with THAT source!!! My only question about it is...can you detect it in urine drug testing? I was reading that it was a synthetic opiait. Is this at all a lower concentration of heroine?

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    Nubain is bad news period. Don't use it.

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