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    Deca and Test Cyp cycle

    Hi guys

    Im a 20 year old male from Canada. I have been training for about 3 years and have had made progress. My main goal in training is to stay symmetrical while gaining mass. This has been possiible up untill recently. I started a new job where I am working 50+ hours a week doing extremely hard physical labour. Suddenly I stopped growing. With the physical demands of my job I have not been able to give my body the time, nor the nutrition it needs to recover from training, as most everything is used up when I work. I have tried training a little less and I regularly eat around 4000 calories a day, but the gains have been coming painfully slow or not at all. So I decided to get some gear. I got ahold of some Deca and some Test cyp and I just wondering how many MG's would be good to use each week for a 10 week cycle. This is my first real cycle. I did one 10cc bottle of test about 4 months ago but I didnt know anything about gear at the time (pretty dumb) and I didnt gain very much. Any help or comments would be appreciated.

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    do some research here on the board... and aside from that, unless your training, rest, and diet are just right, I'd stay away from AS until you can do everything the right way.

    that said-

    if you're set on doing a cycle right now, run the deca at 300 mg a week and the test at 400 mg a week and make sure you have anti-e's and clomid on hand before you start.

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    monstercojones1 is right

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    i'd run the test at 500mg/week and the deca at 400mg/week..........both for 10 weeks.

    dont forget an anti-e and your clomid.

    peace bb79

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