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    Fina & Deca Question

    Hey guys, I have heard some rumors that it is not a good idea to mix deca and fina. Can anyone tell me what the negative side effects of this may be. And if so, would it be possible to post some links to prove this theory. I'm currently taking Deca, and want to start my Fina soon, but if it's that bad, then forget it, I'll just wait. thanks guys

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    They are both 19-Nors. And progesterone build up would be significant.

    Deca at 400mg per week won't give bitch tits unless you are pretty sensitive to progesterone and have a few cycles under your training belt. But when you add another 19-Nor - trenbolone acetate (a shorter ester than Parabolan , so a stronger tren mg per mg) at the typical dose of 75mg/day... you add another 525mg of a progesterone aggrevating steroid per week.

    And 525mg/wk of anything acetate is a potent dose. 400mg of Deca (Norandrolone Decanoate) is a very long ester with probably only about 275mg of the active substance. 525mg of Tren Acetate would be about 450-475mg of active trenbolone minus the shorter and lighter acetate ester... so you see how Tren can quickly add up? And then adding some Deca on top only aggrevates the issue...

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    Deca and Fina together are a potent combination and will most likely trigger the onset of gyno...i would be to afraid of the gyno with this combination even if i was running it with max doses of arimidex and had nolva on what your goals are and we can all give you a better proposed cycle than fina + deca

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