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Thread: Short Cycles?

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    Short Cycles?

    Alright here's my thing:

    I think I am done with the long cycles, I'm not a big guy 5-5 170 (prolly around 10% BF). Started gear bout a year ago at 145-147, training for the past 4 years. I don't want to do the long cycle thing anymore (10-12 weeks). I don't like gaining alot of weight at a time. I don't like shutting down my nuts, then breaking out when they start working agian. I don't like being bloated and gaining a little pudge, then losing 5 pounds of water weight post cycle and doing cardio to lose the fat.
    Here's my question (sorry for the long prelude)
    I want to stick with some short cycles that won't shut me down, and will help me gain some good lean muscle, without bloat, much acne, or other sides.
    What sounds good for me?
    I don't have goals to be jacked; just to look decent size, stay lean, and gain some muscle over the next few years.
    Thanks for the input bro's

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    if your going to go the short cycle route, then i suggest fast acting esters such as prop, fina, or suspension.
    you can throw some orals in there as well if you like: anadrol , dbol , and anavar come to mind.
    the longer acting esters:test enanthate , cyp, and eq wont do you much good if you only plan to go 6-8 weeks.

    peace bb79

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