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    Question my ass is killing me!!

    Two days ago I took a 1cc of eq and 1cc of tren mixed. Well I shot it in my ass. The next morning I woke up and my ass feels like it has a huge bruise on it and the pain is now moving towards my tail bone, and for some reason my left leg is kinda falling asleep when I do cardio (by the way it's the left ass cheek). It feals like it's swelled up quite a bit, but doesn't look like it and does not have a bruise mark. This isn't the 1st time on juice and it's not the common pain you get from a needle in the ass. Any ideas on what the hell it is?

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    i get that here and then its from the tren .its funny when u flex ur ass u see a lopsided bump going up wrd towards ur ass.

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