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    As Guidelines For Newbies

    *** This was snatched off another board by a very knowledgable and respected moderator. I felt that his post had to be posted so those of you newbies who lurk these boards can make the right choice when the time comes and you make the leap to the "dark side."

    Written by Severed Ties

    The rules of how this game is played...
    .....are set by you.

    In writing a PM to another member it reminded me of something I did right before I started my first cycle which was probably the smartest thing I ever did as far as steroid use goes.

    For some of you this will not apply because it is intended for newbies before they start their first cycle...which I was a few years ago.

    For those of us who already have some experience with anabolics I suggest you do this before you start your next cycle.

    Also if you want to be a pro bodybuilder and don't care what it takes to achieve that then don't waste your time doing this. The purpose of this exercise is to help you define and achieve your goals in the safest and healthiest way possible.

    I realize this may seem kinda silly at the moment to you, but trust me. When you look back a few years down the road you will understand.

    I know I have helped many of you here but if there is a single thing you take away from knowing me or reading my posts please let it be this.

    I will tell you that I once found myself saying the same thing as all newbies do "I'll only do one cycle"...if lifting is in your blood and steel courses through your veins you will never just stop after one cycle. So if you are not okay with that fact I strongly suggest you do not do a cycle at all. You will remember and miss making the gains you once had and the natural growth afterwards will be very slow....infinitely slower than the growth you are making right now.

    If you do go ahead with your cycle just remember my words and know that you are going to do my best suggestion to you is this....and please don't blow this off because this is the best advice I can give you.

    Lay out some ground rules for yourself.

    Get a piece of paper and write down.

    1- How many cycles you will allow yourself per year.

    2- How many cycles total in your lifetime.

    3- Define some stopping point...each of us have a different idea of what we want out of our bodies, so make some realistic goals.

    4- You should have done all your research before starting your first cycle so write down the drugs you will never use. Possibilities include but are not limited to Insulin , DNP , Clen , t-3, HGH, IGF, diuretics, even certain AS.

    5- Side effects you will not tolerate and will stop your cycle if you experience them. Things such as hair loss, high blood pressure and even health markers if you get regular blood work during your cycle.

    6- I don't believe in "roid rage " but steroids can affect your mood to one degree or another. So make a list of everything that is more important to you than gaining a few pounds of muscle (health, friends, family, relationships) If you ever find these things in difficult situations as a result of your steroid use agree with yourself to walk away from them forever.

    Put all these things in writing and make an agreement with yourself. When you make an agreement with yourself it's one you cannot break and cannot get out of. If you sway from the path you set out on you will know inside you. You will know that a man who breaks his word is no man at all....and you will be reminded of that fact every time you look in the mirror from that day forward.... what will you see looking back at you???


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    good post

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    Makes good sense, thanks for the post

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    Up we go.....

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    the vast wasteland
    i'll bump it as well...........

    peace bb79

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    not where I want to be

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    this should be in the educational threads.....bump.

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