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    EQ and winny stack

    A friend and I are planning on doing our first cycle together.
    We are considering using Eq and Winny for 8-12 weeks.

    But what i'm worried about is gaining decent mass but losing it after the cycle is over. does anyone know a good way to set up this cycle so there is the least ammount of lose possible?

    Or any other stacks that would add decent mass with minimal loss and not to hardcore for our 1st cycle?


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    Steroids are bad ummkay?
    eq and winny are great together, but you really should consider including testosterone as well. Run it something like this:

    WK 1-10 test @400 or 500mg /week
    WK 1-10 EQ @400mg /week
    WK 6-12 Winny @ 50mg everyday
    WK 13 start clomid

    You say you're worried about losing gains... Have you read about clomid for natural testosterone recovery? It definitely makes a big difference. Also, cut back on the volume of your workouts post cycle to avoid overtraining. You can do a lot more while on than you should while off, remember that. Eat a lot and eat clean and you should definitely be able to keep atleast 80% of your weight gains. I did on my first...

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    For your first cycle you need Deca for good gains.. not sure EQ is good for first cycle, but as gettin there said

    you definitely need test as this is your first cycle, and test helps ANYWAY

    whats your stats?

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    not exactly sure about him but i'm 6'5 290 16-17% BF
    18" neck
    58" chest
    18" arms
    40" waist
    33" quads
    22" calfs

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    EQ and winny is good for a beginner looking to gain a few lbs of lean muscle mass and shed some bf. Just make sure your diet is on point and the results will be very satisfying. Cutting cycle's aren't cheap so if your diet is lackluster, you'll just end up throwing $ away. If gaining mass is your goal, you might want to work on the diet part first, knock down the bf naturally, and then consider a cycle. Before you do anything though...make sure to do more research. Good Luck...Usualsuspect

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