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    Cycle going great

    I just started the cycle below one week ago.

    Wk 1-10 - 400 Mg/wk Deca
    Wk 1-10 - 425 Mg/wk Test Enanthate
    Wk 1-3 - 30 Mg/day D-bol

    Things have been going great. I realize the Deca and test will take a couple more weeks to kick in but the Dbol has been a nice little "kicker". I started the cycle at 6'4" 240lbs, and I am up to 251lbs in 8 days. Ive also managed to put a half an inch on the arms and bring them upto 17.5". Im guessing its only water retention but it gives just that more motivation to see things come along so nicely at the start. No noticable sides yet, really keeping an eye on the nips for any sign of worsened gyno. anyways thanks to everyone who has helped me put this cycle together with their great info and experience.


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    sounds good bro. just wait till that deca starts to do it's job. after five weeks i've put on 21lbs on deca and dbol alone and week 4 i went off my food and training due to g/f problems.

    looks like i'm on target to put on at least 30lbs during my 10 weeks.

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