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    Some questions about Natural HGH releaser

    I've read that it is very safe to take hgh releaser since it will help increase your own natural level of HGH.
    Is this true ?
    I've read much of it here:

    Is it safe to take such a thing ? Will it not create imbalance ?
    How long should one take it ?

    I'm not particularly wanting to take it for sports, but to increase my general well being, to help me sleep and to help me keep my hairs.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Koros...IMO it is a waste of $$$$$. It dosen't work. There are a couple of ways to boost ur IGH-1 levels. Inject HGH. Also weight training movements, especially the compound movements, like squats and deadlifts help to naturally boost ur internal levels. Other than that don't waste your cash....

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