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    Exclamation S.O.S Help if you can!

    I read these message board articles each day and I always see the same questions. I always ask myself why do people repeat the same questions in differant ways over and over again? Now I realized why.... I know I see all these differant cycle questions for newbies. Then I see differant ways I can stack what, with what. This is my first post and I would like to get some help from all of you and ask what would be good for ME.

    My first cycle was performed right before the summer last year. I was 19. I have been working out for about 4 years now. Since high school. I was about 145 and of skin and bone. I went from being about 200 of fat, then I dieted like crazy on slim fast. Lost all the weight but I lost my muscle too. That was about 4 years ago.

    Then I took my first cycle that was 2 bottles of TTokkyo Decca 300 and 100 D-Bols. It worked pretty damn good. By the end of this summer that passed I was up to about 170. Most of it was muscle. My Fat % was about 19. A little too high.

    I waited about 10 weeks to November... and I still weighed about the same. I didn't lose much because I stayed with the program everyday of lifting hard and eating right. Then I just took 2 bottles of Quality Vet Winstrol 50. 1 cc ever other day. I went up to about 180 but got my body fat down to about 17.

    Not it has been a month or two. I still wiegh in about 175-180. My body fat is still about 17 also. I want to take a nice cycle that will give me not too much more size but just enough to get about 185. I would like to get really hard and get my body fat to about 15 or less. I want to keep my size but get harder and stronger.

    Does anyone have any idea what I can take. I only know the basic stuff like Decca and Suss. Cyponate and Prop. D Bols and winnys. Thats it. I just bought 2 bottles of QV decca and 300 winny tabs.

    What ever feedback you can all give me would be greatly appreciated. Please LMK.

    Thank You...


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    Looking for a suggested cycle with obviously Decca and winny in the mix.

    Well, the roids will not burn the fat. If your looking to cut, then diet and cardio is key. Juice will help maintain muscle mass.

    So with that in mind, I would save you Decca, use the winny at 50mgED for 6wks and get a nice cutting diet for a 6wks period.

    2%BF drop should be easily attainable in 6wks and the winny will help in muscle preservation and hardness

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    Does anyone else have any imput. I would like to gain some more size... I weighed in at 175 today.. Iw ould like to get to 190 with a lowered body fat % of 13-15.... So after reading this and what I wrote up top tell me what you all think.

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    hold on a moment. if you've been reading the board you would have noticed that all the folks less than 21 years old are told not to juice. from what you've said you are either 19 or 20 now? way too young.

    also, you seem to find it easy to put on weight. you probably do not need to do juice for at least another couple of years and in fact it's not advisable to juice right now as you could damage your fragile endocrine system.

    your natural test levels will be very high at the moment (unless you've already damaged your body). use this natural 'high' and stick to natural training for a while yet.

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