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    my cycle results

    first off i took 300 of test cyp and deca a week .I was injecting once a week(should of split the doses and do it twice a week but oh well).

    Now about at week 7 i had gained only a few pounds and was not happy with my results so i chatted with my source and he set me up with a bottle of prop 250 to finish my cycle and get the most out of it .I took it every 3 days and did 250 mg .

    I also extended my cycle to 12 weeks vs the original 10 weeks so i could finish off the prop .Anyways here are my results from the total 12 weeks before and after

    before after

    shoulders ----------------- 49--------------50.5
    chest ------------------------43--------------45
    waist----------------------- 33----------------33

    I didnt gain on my waist but my belly area gained about 1 inch .
    I know i have small legs but it aint cause of a lack of effort .Anyways what do ya think .I was happy with it but i wish i would of done a few things diferently but there is always next time .

    W gained strenght and size in the last month it's crazy
    all big muscle groups averaged around 40+ lbs more and the smaller groups about 20 lbs more in 1 month

    Sorry for the long post but one more thing
    how quick do you come down after your last shot of prop .
    We have been on clomid for a couple days and strenght is still going up like crazy


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    Prop is a very short lived injectible due to the length of its ester (3 carbons). The substance will be completely clear from the blood stream .5 to 1 week after your last injection. Hence clomid therapy should begin after that time frame.

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    Excellent work game. Results were good. Im on clomid and still gaining strenght as well. Hopefully someone will answer this question about stenght gains on clomid.

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