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    whats wrong with my hand?

    uh yea, i post this here cuz this forum seems to have the smartest people, doctors etc. yea so yesterday i punched somthing pretty hard and today if i bend my hand backwards its hurts, like a sharp pain in my hand. deosn't hurt if i press on it anywhere or bend it anyother way. tell me its not broken. i know u would porbably need xray to tell, but is it possible to just like bruise somthing that would cause this type of pain? thanks

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    You probably did`t broke any bone, if you do it would hurt you when you punched. Maybe you just streched ligament or something. Do you have any swelling?

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    like orto says probably ligament damage. maybe due to hyperextension of the wrist.

    i guess there is a possibility you have a hairline fracture. to be sure i'd have it x-rayed.

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