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    Please rEAD!! Test & other

    OKay i am like big time nervous

    on 2/8/2003 i banged this girl.

    i didn't use protection,etc.

    on 12/18/2002 i started about 3.5cc of test prop & 3 cc of dec week for 4 weeks.
    Then i started primo 1 cc eod & win 1cc eod from
    1/20/2003 - 2/11/2003
    Do you think i can still get her pregnant?

    I haven't used any anti estrogens

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    i would doubt it - your sperm count will have been very low and perhaps non existent. test and deca both shut you down good and the deca would have still been active three to four weeks after your last dose.

    besides we've all banged her too and the filthy slut still hasn't got pregnant yet so i wouldn't worry.

    only joking .

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    Jan 2003
    I'd hope so... my freaking balls have grown to almost hte original size.
    It's like primo & winstrol doens't affect your nuts like test & deca .

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