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    ? about kickboxing on juice

    I have a fight lined up for the end of March, but I was planning on starting a cycle of enanthate ,dbol ,deca a few weeks before that. My trainer wants me to consentrate on buiding lean quick muscle but I need to start this cycle as soon as I can for other reasons. I personaly think that the extra weight and power will help but my trainer doesn't agree. Anyone with experience using roids before a fight please give advice. Also have you found that heavy training or light speed training helped the most before a fight?

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    I think a better cycle would include things like fina, winny, halo, test prop things that are short acting.

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    dbol and deca promote water retention and for them to work you need to consume a large amounts of proteins and carbs. you will put on weight, fast. remember though deca will take about 3-4 weeks to begin to work.

    as a martial artist i'm finding that on my present cycle (dbol, deca and sust) i feel bloated and gassy (this comes with the territory). this most certainly means (for me anyway) that i am not in fighting condition.

    so, what would i recommend? i would steer clear of deca and dbol if you are going to start your cycle a few weeks before your fight. i would also steer clear of winny as it will dry out and mess up your joints - something you don't need before or during a fight. other mild AS that don't dry your joints, like fina, are your best option. perhaps it's best to leave the cycle until after your fight?

    in terms of training. do both. alternate between heavy and speed training. do not do them both on the same night. also make sure you have at least a day's rest in between each session. this will help you build up stamina, mass and strength.

    just my opinion.
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    u wanna concentrate on gear with short esters and no watre retention,lean mass ,power endurance and the drugs that i would consider
    fina ,winny ,prop,halo,eq,var ,

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