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    my cycle dilemma, please help!

    ok ill give you the skinny.. im in week 7 of my 10 week test cyp cyle only. this is my 3rd cyclel. the end of my first 4 weeks i had went from 224-238. its been about 12 days since i stopped dbol and im down to 235. in other words i have nt gained shit since i stopped dbol. heres the question. i have 1600mg of cyp left. i was gonna go 500-500-600. but now im thinking go 600-600-400 in the next 2.5 weeks. i made the mistake of using the same test dose i used in my 2nd cycle. so i feel that if i jam a bunch of test in a shorter period of time i might maximize my gains. an ythoughts?

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    your thinking is wrong ,u lost some water when u stoped the dbol ,if u gained good on ur last cyle and u waited adequte time between u did tht right thing by stayin at the same dosage if its not broke why fix it .maybe next time u can try uping a bit .it wont do ya anyggod now bro ,u have 2.5 weeks left ,its a long actin ester so even though in ur stsyem it will take a bit for it to increase the blood concentration .

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