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    changing gear intake to avoid "Deca Dick"

    Hey guys, I am at the second week of my Deca , Test cyp cycle. I have been reading alot on the board about "deca dick" and lots of depression as a cause of deca. All this has me a little worried. It is the beggining of my cycle so I am only taking 200mg's a week of deca, and 400mg's a week of test. I was planning on bumping my deca up to 300mg's and my test to 500 mg's on the 5th week of my cycle. I was wondering what would be the Pro's and Con's of keeping my deca around 200mg's a week and running higher levels of test, to keep from getting "deca dick" and becoming depressed?

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    as long as your test is significantly higher than the deca , you should be fine bro. IMO you should've run them at the same dosage throughout the cycle though...

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    with 500mg/week of test you'll be fine

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