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    tell me what u guys think of my next cycle..

    let me start off with my stats.... 21 years old 5'9.. 220 lbs body fat.. umm around 13% maybe less.. havnt checked yet but im sure its around that. looking to get ultra ripped with abs and a little more size to stand out.

    thinkin of taking sustanon eq and winny.

    sustanon from week 1 - 8 @ 500 mg per week

    eq from week 1-12 @ 400 mg per week

    winstrol week 8 - 12 @ 50 mg ed

    im thinking about throwing in some clen or cytomel once im finished my sustanon to start the cutting along with winstrol and eq. im sure id be vascualr once im done the sustanon from the eq and ill have a little size from the sus. ill keep the eq flowing and throw in my winstrol at the last month of the cycle for 4 weeks. all injectibles not a fan of orals. i was thinking about taking some fina in the cutting cycle but IM SCARED OF FINA!! i wont go near that stuff. any suggestions?? i have nolva on the hand and i have colmid for after my cycle. or should i get hcg ??

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    1 the sus 1 week longer than the EQ, and run the winny two weeks past the last test shot.

    eq takes 3 weeks to leave the system
    test takes about 2 weeks to leave the system
    winny takes about 1 day

    Sust 1-13 500mg
    Eq 1-12 400mg
    Winny 10-14 50mg ed

    just my opinion though....i've just never heard of someone stopping test 4 weeks before the cycle is over...

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    i would do
    weeks 1-12 500mg sus
    weeks 1-12 400mg eq
    weeks 8-14 or 15 50mg winni

    so you start your clomid once ending your winni. just my though

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    1-12 sust 500mg ew divided into 3 shots
    1-12 eq 400mg ew
    10-15 winny 50mg ed

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    Originally posted by sd11
    1-12 sust 500mg ew divided into 3 shots
    1-12 eq 400mg ew
    10-15 winny 50mg ed

    i'll go with sd11 on this....thats how i'd run it...madmax..

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