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    best way to split up test E inject,,,

    hey bros, just wondering what is the best way to split up test enthanate if i am doinfg 400mg a week. i was thinkin every 4 days, like mondays and fridays or should i just do it every 4 days as they come druing the week?
    the test is QV 250mg

    thanks bros

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    if you're doing QV Enan, why not go ahead and make it 500 mg a week. With 400 you're going to have to measure off precisely - like .70 cc each time - which is just stupid.

    When I ran my last cycle, my weeks were 8 days long, not the usual 7, so I was shooting every 4th day to try and keep levels constant.

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    mon and fri are fine bro.....Madmax...

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