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    Need Advice on a Lean Muscle Cycle!!


    Needed some advice for a fat loss/lean muscle cycle for a friend.
    He is about 6'2 210-220, around 25% bf and he wants to loose a good chunk of fat and build muslce (Mainly in the arms) I suggested this to him but would appreciate some critiques. (keep in mind this is his 1st cycle)!!!!

    DECA Winstrol or Primo
    Wk 1 200 mg 5O mg (eod) 100mg
    Wk 2 400 mg 50 mg (eod) 200mg
    Wk 3 400 mg 50 mg (eod) 200mg
    Wk 4 400 mg 50 mg (eod) 300mg
    Wk 5 400 mg 50 mg (eod) 200mg
    Wk 6 200 mg 50 mg (eod) 100mg

    wk7 100mg of clomid
    wk8+9 50 mg of clomid

    THanks hope to hear your suggestions soon!


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    how long has your friend been working out? Deca winni primo sounds ok but he should try to do it naturally first. Deca, i don't see why you should tamper from low dosage going up and then down. I would see either go straight 400mg all the way or start week one with a 600mg of the deca and then weeks 2+ just 400mg. Also if your only doing a 6 week cycle i though you should save time and money to get more gear that will last you 10 weeks. You prop wont start to feel the effect untill weeks 5+ that's from my "horse" personal use. And from the use of my "horse" friends. Winstrol looks about good to me @50mg eod is not bad. for his first cycle. Primo i know very little about so i would have to bump on the primo. Good luck.

    ohh and the clomid i forget how much but i do know it's like 200mg day one... then 100mg days 2-10, and 50mg days 10-20... something like that. if i'm wrong anyone please correct me.

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    Thanks for your advice bro!

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    If hes 25% bf then he needs to adjust his diet first, hit cardio ed-eod and then think about clen and ECA. Dont even think about AAS til the bf% is lowered, IMO

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