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    splitting up test

    For my first cycle I'm gonna do:
    Week1-8 deca 200mg/wk
    week1-8 test E. 500mg/wk
    week11 til out, clomid
    The question is, should I split the test into 2 shots, say monday and thursday or should I take it all at one time? Another quick question is should I also take hcg at the end of my cycle to help keep gais or will the clomid be good enough by itself?
    thanx in advance

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    two shots bro..clomid will be enough...Madmax

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    Hey bro, just a question? How come ur only running both 8 weeks? Reason i ask is both the deca and test enant coulc take up to 4 weeks to reach peak consistent levels. If that happens ur only going to get 4 weeks at peak levels. Id think about extending ur cycle a few weeks unless there is a reason ur only running 8 weeks? Good luck either way!


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