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    Anabolex what is it

    Have a friend who has a wack of Anabolex from a company called Ephical out of Dominican Republic. Does anyone have any info regarding cycles, what exactly it is and what it should sell for in Cdn $$ per tab..Thanks

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    You don't need to know
    A wack of Anabolex ?

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    They contain 3 mg of Methandrostenolone and 1.5 mg of periactin (appetite stimulant). They are from Ethical Pharmaceuticals and work well but a side effect of Periactin is drowsiness and believe me they will knock you on your ass the first week you take them.

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    Good info. And I thought it was another popular messageboard. Show's ya what I know.

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    Another thing is that most of the weight gained is water retention and you tend not to keep much of the gains. I'd say go with d-bol. Think about it, the quality can't be to good if the stuff is coming out of the Dominican Republic. I' had a few buddies that took the stuff and they had the typical ballooning affect... Just MO

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