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    Question Logic of deca only cycle?

    I am a 21 year old guy who is 6'1 and about 215 lb. I havnt worked out in about a year and have gained about 15 lb since then. I actually look damn near exactly like this guy, cpitt, in his before picture (linked below), just scaled up taller.

    I have a friend who has been holding onto about 20 200mg bottles of deca and will give it to me at a great price.
    Now i have never had trouble changing my body. If i work out i grow if i diet i lose weight (never been a ripped as cpitts afters though). But it seems like a good deal and i would like to do it.

    Will the deca alone really screw up my sex drive? I have heard it would from some posts but the decription on the main page contradicts that.

    If i only do minimal working out but do good hard cardio, like an hour a day 5 days a week with xenadrine and good clean diet, will it prevent muscle wasting?

    Im not trying to grow too much, just underwear model/ Men's Health cover shaped.

    Is 2-300 mg of deca for 10-12 weeks usefull for me and if so with what basic routine? I know i dont NEED any AS to sculpt my body, but i dont have any quams with sticking myself, I only care if it will help not if its neccasary.

    Hope i hear from some people.

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    if youre not bodybuilding, you really dont need AS then. especially if you think you dont need it. and the last thing anyone needs is a deca only cycle, unless they dont like sex.

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    Forget the AS and lift weights.

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