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    any big guys out there have expereince with fina?

    im just wondering abut some peoples expereince with fina. im thinking of using it my next cycle or even stacking half way through this cycle of just eq.

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    If you search for just fina alone you can get a wide range of guys that is or has used fina. I am starting my first cycle in the upcoming weeks. Hope that search helps. Remember do your hw.


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    fina is well paired with test to fight the dreaded 'fina dick', and most would say it should go the last 6 or 7 weeks of your cycle to lean you out and tighten everything long is your eq cycle, how many mg's a week, and how far along into it are you?

    my experience with fina has been great when paired with can expect to put on some quality muscle/strength and lean out a bit depending on what your bf is at. the more strict you are with your diet, the harder you push yourself in the gym, and getting the most out of a nights sleep will give you great results, especially when it is stacked at the end of a cycle.

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