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Thread: newbie cycle

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    newbie cycle

    Seeing as this is my first cycle, I would like to make the most of my virgin receptors. 400mg deca per week 7 weeks, 500mg sus250 per week at 7 weeks, 25mg d-bol per day for the first 4 weeks, and start on clomid 20mg a day from 8th week for 21 days after. What about nolvaldex and proviron at 20 and 25mg a day for anti estrogen, The cylcle seems like the easy part, getting off it in a way to keep as much gains as possible and minimize side effects seems harder. I have a good clean mass diet, and will boost up my caloric intake to 5000 when I start on my cycle, how much of a gain can I expect ? Could I keep 80% through naturall training after ? Thanks for your time.

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    you will keep at least 80%-90% of you run it correctly. my recommendation is:

    1-10 400 mg deca
    1-10 500 mg sust
    1-4 25 mg dbol

    clomid 3 weeks after last shot 300/100/50

    if possible, shoot the sust 3 days a week, possibly monday, wednesday, friday.

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