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    Post Cycle Erect. Probz

    Check it.......
    .....allright, i did a 20 shot cycle of primo by itself, and im extremely happy with the results for the most part, however....its getting HARD for me to get HARD. its been 4 months since i ended the cycle, and for a while i was goin like crazy. however, recently its started to drop off. i had a girl over and i was gonna try to kick some game, but i could just tell that it wasnt gonna get up! Is it possible that this is all in my mind, thus preventing me from getting an erection? does primo usually have a fallout? i appreciate the help, im 19 and thats the only cycle ive ever done. anything i can take? thanks again people.

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    You don't need to know
    You can try proviron and if it don't work , go with cialis or viagra.

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