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Thread: recovery??

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    well I have read many posts on recovery, and I hope im right in saying this but, you actually recover from chlomid, and hcg is used during the cycle to avoid testicular atrophy. The reason im asking again here is I have an ongoing argument with guys in the gym about recovery. Most of them (and these are quite big guys with alot of steroid use ) believe that hcg is a recovery and that chlomid is not needed. I would just like to hear once more from you guys, chlomid is you're main recovery right????

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    Stick with's cheap, proven, and effective. HCG serves two purposes..... increasing sex drive and helping with testicular atrophy. The idea that HCG will restore natural test production is a groundless theory. If you use HCG post cycle you will have a rapid rise in testoterone as well as estorgen due to aromitization from the HCG which will further inhibit HPTA function.

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